Time Management Workshops

Make Time Work for Your Office

PAE-audience-lighterHow long is your to-do list?

Are you getting to your most important daily tasks?

How can you do the important work you were hired to do and still keep up with emails, phone calls and meetings?

If these issues sound familiar, Efficient Spaces has the answers.  Our time workshop is tailored to suit the needs of your staff and help you solve your unique time management problems by teaching time management skills.

Your office can choose from these topics:

  • Maximizing Time Choices:  This focuses on self-awareness and time preferences. Example:  Best time of day for focus work, or for emails.
  • Priorities and Scheduling:  What are the major priorities for each person and  how  do they fit realistically into the week?
  • Time Estimating:  Apply tools to accurately estimate and track time for important tasks to avoid over-packing the schedule.
  • Managing a To-do List:  Using the skill of time estimating, we will prioritize a sample or personal to-do list.
  • Handling Interruptions:  What to do when your best-laid plans are in tatters.  Find out some strategies for re-energizing yourself, and getting back on track to finish the day.
  • Quick, Effective Email:  Learn strategies for quickly thinning out the inbox and best email practices.

“Time management . . . is about identifying what’s important to you and giving those activities a place in your schedule . . . . And it’s about feeling deeply satisfied at the end of each day.”
~Julie Morgenstern, Author of Time Management from the Inside Out.

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Benefits / Takeaways

  1. Clarity:  Identifying goals and priorities, determining what is and is not working
  2. Self-awareness / relationship to time:  Learn best time of day to focus, best time of day for easier tasks, what rejuvenates you
  3. Dramatically increase productivity:  Make more money in less time
  4. Reduce stress / improve morale:   Knowing most important tasks are getting done, feeling of accomplishment, planning realistic workload
  5. Direction:  The next step for awesome time management is scheduled in your calendar.  Real results with goals written down.
  6. Accountability:  For questions or additional information, I provide unlimited email support for 4 weeks following each workshop. In addition, I’m always available to coach anyone that needs more training.

Jenny is a great resource for my team.  Her time training helped me identify where we are losing time and where I have gaps in my own time management.  The best things she shared with us: how to set realistic goals and use small steps to achieve them.  When we apply these skills, we will have a more relaxed and efficient team. Since the training, my team’s morale has improved and they have accomplished additional tasks with ease.
~ Don Moss, Division Manager, Republic Services, Grants Pass

This workshop is customized to suit your office or corporation’s needs, with easy to implement skills and solutions.  You will be productive and enjoy your workday!

Efficient Spaces offers this workshop to offices like yours in Medford, Grants Pass and Ashland. We also present the workshop throughout Oregon in the cities of Portland, Eugene, Salem and Bend.  With this training, a productive and profitable year will be within your reach.

Call Jenny at 541-295-5309or take a moment to fill out the form below