What would YOU do with an extra Hour?

You are like a magician. A wizard of time and space organization.
~Michele Pryse

Professional Organizer & Coach Jenny Morin

Professional Organizer & Coach Jenny Morin

If you have ever said ‘There just aren’t enough hours in the day’, or ‘I have too much on my plate’, time coaching will ease that pressure by showing you step by step how to take back your time.

  • Is your to-do list discouragingly long?
  • Do you spend your day putting out fires?
  • Have rejuvenating activities fallen through the cracks as the pace of life has sped up?
  • Does your family feel neglected?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then time coaching WILL change your life.

My time coaching clients report at least one hour
of productive time gained daily.

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Efficient Spaces time coaching provides individual time coaching to get you back on track. Remember when you left work at work, and really took the weekend off? Or, when you could tick off your task list and feel you had really accomplished what you set out to do that day? Well, you can feel that way again.

Through coaching with Jenny, you will:

  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Stress Less
  • Make time for important activities you have ignored
  • Learn tips for maximizing your planning tools
  • Produce more and make more time for focus work

Before working with Jenny I would just put more on my never-ending list of to-do’s. Then she showed me how to schedule my tasks.  When I am done and can check it all off, there’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment . . . I can now take the afternoon off and play with my grandkids!
~Cheryl Baumgarten, Genworth Financial, Medford

Looking back, it is really amazing how much better I feel now. I have control. I feel I can do my business and get the dog rescue off the ground. I just feel really capable.

Before working with Jenny Morin, I didn’t have a handle on things. That’s where I was. Now I have a framework to plug things into—a template, really. Before coaching, I felt like I was under a rockslide—but Jenny definitely helped me get a great start.

Anyone who is in the first year of business will see a benefit from time coaching. It gives them a good start and helps get their feet under them. That’s what it did for me!
~Kaye Geyer, Rapport Pet Training, Medford

Using my to-do list has made a huge difference for me. When I have it planned out, my mind is active and clear. I tackle my urgent to-do’s first. When I’m done with one, I check it off. I’m not distracted by less important things because I know what I need to do next . . . and I pick up my next task with minimal downtime between tasks. I accomplish so much more every day– Thanks, Jenny!
~Josiah Higgs, Medford Automotive

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