First I would like to say that I have read a lot on organizing, productivity and motivation. Nothing I have read mentioned anything about working with your own energy cycles. Mostly the plan is to just force yourself into better habits through positive reinforcement to “train” yourself into their plan. 

I usually spend my mornings quietly planning out my day, assigning my FA his daily calls and processing paperwork… I am not really a morning person. I make more calls with more enthusiasm after I come back from lunch. I always figured it was the wrong way but it worked for me until I finally found the golden morning person potion.

After the short, inspiring workshop with Jenny I feel I can stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and start finding the best time and good homes for the items on my To Do List.

Especially excited to see how these tips help at home and not just at work.

Thank you Jenny!

Brittany Patterson, Edward Jones, Ashland

My bookkeeper’s office was buried in paper.  Even though the public didn’t see it, it bothered me and made work difficult for the bookkeeper.  I didn’t know where to put important papers I needed him to take care of right away.  After Jenny put all the papers into a system, I knew right where to put everything so important receipts and invoices didn’t get lost.  I’m still using the filing system the way she set it up.  Many thanks!  I highly recommend Jenny Morin of Efficient Spaces.

My desk was a complete mess.  Paper would just pile up until the stacks invaded so much of my desk that I could barely work.  I would clean it and within a few days it was usually back to the way it was before.  I hired Jenny to help me tackle this problem once and for all.

Not only did she help me clear my desk but she was able to set up some very simple systems and processes that keep my desk organized.  It has been a few weeks now since Jenny visited and my desk is staying clean and respectable and allowing me to work much more efficiently. Jenny inspired me so much that I ended up completely rearranging my office, doing a massive purge of things in my office and fully committing to an organized office life.  It has been awesome!

I have struggled to get organized and stay organized for most of my life.  My system was “pile management” that took up nearly my entire desk.  Jenny helped me create an extremely efficient system to enable me to FINALLY manage that process easily and help me reduce my time and frustration. I can now efficiently take care of the important details of my job that have always been frustrating to me.

As an inherently disorganized person, I would assume that someone who is organized enough to have a business doing this would not be able to have the understanding to kindly identify my needs and help me through this process. This compassion comes naturally to Jenny. She keeps us on task but is not a task master and we have made amazing strides in getting my life on track in a very short period of time. The results that I have felt have come far more quickly than I ever would have thought possible. I am also very happy that the skills that I’ve learned are ones that I can use on my own and make improvements on as I go.

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