Don’t stress; do less!

At the holidays, people are busier and have more stress.  Whatever your religious faith is, the holidays bring extra mail, concerts, requests for donations, parties, special dishes to make, deliveries to friends, presents to buy, phone calls to make, cards to write, et cetera.

Your head might be spinning now just thinking about all the things you need to do before the holidays hit.  For me, having a list eases my mind and actually makes everything easier.

 5 Reasons why a list will keep you jolly:

  • Tasks not written down often bounce around in your mind, distracting you
  • You see what you need to do
  • Crossing off items as you complete them brings a feeling of accomplishment
  • A list helps you prioritize your tasks
  • Your holiday preparation will be more efficient

Every project needs a Plan of attack . Now, I know most of you know how to write a list, but do you know how to whittle your list down to the bare essentials?

The Write way to create your list:

Write it down.

Brainstorm all the things you have to do or want to do before the big holiday.  This can usually be done in one sitting, though you may think of other things and add them later.

Once your list is complete, ask yourself, “Is this really possible?” Can you really accomplish all of these things in the next few weeks?  Identify the things you don’t have time to do or don’t intend to do.  Then, cut those from your list.  For example: if you have 30 jobs written and you realize you only have time for half,  you need to somehow cut 50 percent, or 15 tasks from the list.  This will result in a savings of several hours’ worth of time.

Option 1:  Figure out how to let those things go.

Option 2:  Determine how to get them done without spending your valuable time.  Delegating and outsourcing are excellent ways to accomplish this! (Link to a list of local resources at the end of this post.)

Next, take what remains of your list and determine what needs to be done first, second, third, and so on.  Otherwise known as prioritizing.

Now you have a plan of attack with a pared down list, and you are ready to take on the holidays without fear or dread.  Don’t delay; start today!

Just for you:

See how many things you can cross off your list with my Simplify the Holidays guide, a free gift when you sign up for my Blog!  This guide lists Grants Pass and Medford resources for outsourcing holiday decorations, lights, gift wrapping, sendout card services, and more!