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Are you tired of clutter interfering with your Life?

As a professional organizer, Jenny works with you to restore order and efficiency to the home. She expertly manages your expectations, plans the organizing project, executes the plan, and teaches you how to maintain the results.  What you get with Jenny is an “organizer bundle” of tools and skills as you team up to sort through the clutter and create that peace, order and flow you have been craving.

How Efficient Spaces creates order in your life

During the initial conversation, we determine your needs and goals for your space. Next, we work together to clear away clutter and excess. We support and encourage you to form new habits for positive change along the way.  A simple organizing system is implemented for mail, filing, document processing and work flow, creating storage that fits your life and work. And we provide support even after the project is done, with check-ins and maintenance check-ups.

When to call Efficient Spaces:

  • You think or say: “I don’t know where to start!”
  • All or most surfaces are cluttered
  • You fear if you put an item away you will forget it
  • When you try to organize, you are unsure where to put items
  • You close the door to certain rooms when company comes

. . . If this is you, it’s time to call a Professional Organizer!

Are you ready to make this change to improve your life?
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Benefits for you:

Once you and Efficient Spaces complete your organizing project, you will have clarity, order and quick maintenance of your home.  The results will be amazing!  You will have more time available for the people and activities you enjoy.  Your confidence will increase, and stress will dramatically decrease as you begin to take charge of your space again and have a calm, clutter-free home.
Create an Inviting Home
Call Jenny at 541-295-5309 for a FREE phone consultation!
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Jenny Morin organizes in the Medford and Grants Pass areas of Southern Oregon.

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