Looking for a partner to make downsizing doable?

packing china, downsizing summer 2014 staging client (3) Jenny Morin of Efficient Spaces will guide you through the simple steps of paring your precious things down to the essentials.

Do you have years worth of accumulated possessions? It can be difficult to know where to begin. Jenny comes in with the knowledge and compassion to show you how to start and keep the project steadily moving along to completion.  She makes the process as painless as possible, taking care of all the details.

“I am so pleased with your work, the way you made the project seem to flow forward, have reasonable and doable milestones! Thank you for the willingness to help me get it done, pointing out what I needed to know and do. You are such a wonderful helpmate in doing hard things.

. . . I went to the house this morning and got to grin! It is done. … so great to be seeing this happen.”
~Margie Farber, Retired downsizing client

With Jenny as your partner in this project, the daunting task of downsizing will be simpler, less aggravating, and much quicker, saving you hours of agonizing over what to keep.
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After 69 years of marriage to a man who saves everything, I became sadly resigned to living in utter chaos.  I lost my beautiful home and the joy of entertaining.  My daughter introduced me to Jenny who assured us she could help us bring order back into our lives.  She worked with us for several months. She was a joy to work with and showed us what to keep and what we could discard. It’s amazing how much we got rid of (which she took away and disposed of). The rest was neatly filed in two cabinets. I now have my home back and the knowledge to keep it that way thanks to dear Jenny.

~ Peggy Durst, Merlin

Staging/downsizing:  “I love the way it feels now with the clutter gone; it feels peaceful.  My clear desk is useful, functional. It’s a pleasure to be in there.  I cleared away 150 bottles of supplements from my counter I was so inspired!

~ Ann D., Medford

Ann's clean counter

Ann’s clean counter

Jenny has saved me! She is a great inspiration to get rid of unneeded things . My main problem was not focusing on one project and staying with it.  She is so good at keeping me focused! One room at a time, we have really sorted and cleaned.  

Jenny has become a friend and is so sympathetic. She understands why I have trouble organizing. Helps so much and encourages me. Gives great suggestions that work for me.”

~Helen Acuff, Murphy, senior client

messy craft table

Craft Table Before

Craft Table After

Craft Table After

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