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At the beginning of the call, we chat and start to get to know each other. Next, I ask about your organizing project. Some questions I ask: What is your organizing challenge? What will define successful completion? and Is there a deadline? We talk about what is working and what isn’t working. The call generally lasts 30 minutes.

About halfway through, we switch gears and I tell you my 5-step organizing process, which will produce the changes you seek in your home or office. I will partner with you to keep you moving toward your organizing goals, and keep you accountable for maintaining the progress we’ve made.

Then we talk about my rates and schedule our first organizing appointment.

I do not apply high pressure or “sell” you on organizing.

With a professional at your side, giving you training, you will be amazed at what we accomplish and how much easier organizing becomes.

When you need it, you know!

Call Jenny to set up a Free Consultation today!