Garage Bliss

organized garage

I saw so many Garage Sales and Yard Sales this weekend! Spring has definitely sprung. I love to see sales around the city, because it means people are cleaning out their surplus.

Good for you! I say.

We tend to accumulate “stuff” in the good old US of A. Trends, gadgets, great deals that cause us to buy way more of one item than we would ever use and our own desire to surround ourselves with pretty things and feel prosperous– all contribute to our society of over-indulgence.

A lot of that ‘stuff’ we buy, we love it for a little while, and then we stop using it. After some time passes, we realize we haven’t used it in a while, so it either stays where it is, becoming clutter, or you take it out to the garage, to sit there for who knows how long.

Oh, I know how long–until your next garage sale, that’s when!

See what I mean? THAT’s why I love garage sales. When you know you are hosting your annual spring garage sale, you tend to really evaluate the stuff in your closets, attic/basement and garage. For me, I know I actually go through the house LOOKING for things that we haven’t used in a while (especially kids toys and clothes). There’s nothing like an upcoming garage sale to motivate you to purge! It actually creates a sense of urgency to find things you haven’t been using, things that don’t have a future with you.

Though I’m not an expert at garage sales, I am an expert at purging. Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you are evaluating what stays and what goes to the garage sale.

Ask yourself:
• Do I use this?
• Do I love it?
• Does this item have a future with me or just a past?
• Am I ever going to be this size again?
• How many golf balls do I need, anyway?
• Does (insert name) even care about this _____ I am saving for him/her?
• What’s the worst thing that could happen if I sell this/ throw it out?

A final word: Be disciplined with the things left over from your garage sale. Take the lot to a thrift store or the dump that day or the next. DON’T save them for next year’s yard sale, despite the temptation. The cost to store that ‘stuff’ will outweigh any amount you might earn selling it later. Think of your garage as prime storage space. You don’t want to clutter it with stuff you already know you no longer want or use.
Be ruthless!
Organized garage    Photo courtesy of Monkey Bar Storage