Since time is money, it is one of your most important resources. So, how to make it work for YOU, and for everyone in your office?

  • Is your staff overwhelmed with piles of work and endless to-do lists?
  • Are urgent tasks taking away from the important work they were hired to do?
  • Do emails and meetings take up a large majority of each day?

If your team feels like they fall farther behind each day, Efficient Spaces will show you new strategies for stellar productivity.

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Efficient Spaces offers a dynamic workshop for offices like yours, featuring:

  • Work / Life Balance
  • Priorities and Scheduling
  • Time Estimating
  • Managing a To-do List
  • Handling Interruptions
  • Quick, Effective Email

Each new concept is accompanied by interactive exercises and examples to make the new skills stick. Get your work done faster, with less stress and more time for your important focus work. These concepts Efficient Spaces shares will make all the difference in the way you work at work.
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Office Productivity

  • Are you frustrated with your disorganized office?
  • Does clutter interfere with work?
  • Do you often think: “I could accomplish much more if I could get my desk in order”?

Efficient Spaces will show you how to be Organized and Effective!


Proven organization methods create custom, easy-to-use systems to manage your workflow. Our expertise helps you make more money in less time. Your office will be a joy to walk into every morning.
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Home Organizing

  • Have you been dreaming of having an orderly home?
  • Have you tried making it happen on your own but never seem to reach the desired results?
  • Perhaps you don’t even know where to start or you have simply given up.

Why struggle with this alone? Efficient Spaces, led by Professional Organizer Jenny Morin, provides expertise and support to create the living spaces you have always wanted!

Your confidence will increase when you learn organizing skills by working with her to create an orderly home.
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Over 100 organizing tips for quick projects in your home.

Time Coaching

What would you do with an extra hour?

  • Are you pulled in dozens of directions or barely keeping up?
  • Have you missed deadlines?
  • Do you work long hours but still feel like you are spinning your wheels?

My time coaching clients report at least one hour of productive time gained daily.

Efficient Spaces provides individual time coaching to get you back on track.
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With a proven, progressive coaching program, successful clients report they get work done more quickly, have less stress, accomplish important goals, enjoy rejuvenating time off, and have a joyful work/life balance.

With time coaching, Efficient Spaces will:

  • Analyze what works and what doesn’t work for you
  • Define your priorities and make a plan to get them done
  • Make time for what you LOVE
  • Teach time management skills
  • Create a unique time map as a guide for your week
  • Provide accountability & encouragement

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Client Testimonials

Jenny makes her subject enjoyable!  She is clearly comfortable as an educator and makes her class feel comfortable as well.  At Jenny’s encouragement to begin with a small (15 min) task, I went right home and organized my desktop and immediately felt a sense of relief.  I have scheduled time in my planner to organize my home office and am actually looking forward to the task!